The new idea for your bathroom

The “box frame” is the key for the production of the SIX SYSTEMbathroom pods. Our innovative prefabricated bathrooms built in normal/lightweight high resistance concrete offer the best advantages of the pre-assembled solutions and fulfill the most diverse technical and aesthetic requests.

Thank to its technical know-how, its superior workmanship, the first quality materials, the passion for designing and the expertise in manufacturing and installing prefabricated pods,Prefabbricati Cartigliano S.p.A “SIX SYSTEM Bathroom Pods Division”has successfully established itself in the prefabricated market and can now boast nationally and internationally recognized companies as its customers.

The best way to build your bathroom

SIX SYSTEM Bathroom solutions offer you  considerable advantages:

  • Guaranteed quality   
  • Customized design and solutions
  • Less hitches and delays at the building site
  • Just one supplier sponsible for all the component parts of your bathroom
  • Shorter delivery and installation times
  • Tested and certified product
  • Fixed prices


SIX SISTEM Bathroom : simple, functional, essential, practical, modern, fashionable, refined, nice, high-tech, well-equipped, elaborate, particular, classic, colorfu,l transparent, bright, exclusive, trendy, new age, glamour, cult, country, chic, hot, sensual, intimate relaxing.