We build solutions.

At SIX SISTEM we uderstand and suit your structural and aesthetic requests.  In fact:

  • we analyse your requests
  • we develop your ideas
  • we follow through your project

According to your budget and to the quality of the finishes you require, we can offer you the most suitable bathroom pods.







Simplification of your building site

When delivered our pre-assembled bathrooms are fully equipped with: the plumbing and the electrical systems; the sanitary fittings; the coverings and all the required accessories, meaning that after the installation it is only necessary to connect the water pipes, the drainage and the electrical system of the pods to the main systems.The “Six System” solution is the easiest way for building your bathroom: the construction problems of normal bathrooms – e.g. the design, the production management, the organisation of the operation units, the waste disposal, thefts or damages on the site - are handled by us at our production plant, allowing you to get a turnkey bathroom, which only needs to be installed.

Six System: only one supplier for a fully equipped solution

Bathrooms SIX SISTEM come on site already have plumbing, electrical, heating, finished with coatings, healthcare, taps and accessories, according to the choice of the customer.

Hydraulic electricians, tilers, painters, carpenters and installers, we manage ourselves. To you only the advantage of having the bathrooms finished anddelivered to site with the best guarantee and peace of mind.